About my Pictures

Exploding Emotions and Landscape of Emotions

Since 1995 I have lived as Eliana Moravia. I have chosen this name to express the mystery within my life as well as the characteristic variety within my own personality. Since 1983 I have studied the basics of painting at the Cologne Museumsschule with various teachers, owing special credit to the artist Georg Gartz. During these studies of drawing (as basics of perception), Zille studies of body movement, portraits and studies of the nude – the use of color as a creative means of expression has become of eminent importance for me. By deliberately choosing shining, pure colors in my paintings I can perfectly express my optimistic sense of life – Galley: Feelings (German website).

During the work process painting and meditation merge into one, with a profound sense of healing. Thus expressing and acknowledging my own emotions – such as feeling sheltered, feeling fertile and productive, mobile and expanding, as well as giving creative way to deep anger – support me in finding an inner balance.

Besides the process of creating, the contemplative reception of these paintings also substantiates my inner balance, since the energies hidden within form and color come into my life and thus give power. Painting on large formats gives ample room to expand, and by choosing organic forms I reconnect to Nature. Especially the landscapes express the feeling of shelter and security I have in Nature (Galley: Landscapes, German website).

It is my intention to convey my personal experience of `basking in emotions` to the spectator and to enable him/her to sense the healing powers interwoven with canvas and colors. Feel free to stride through these landscapes, ‘inhale’ the light and the colors of the perceived.


Mandala Painting (Gallery: Mandala, German website) grants me the gift of an additional dimension in allowing to connect my own personal world with the Universe. Severe structure and traditionally predefined colorings teach me the meaning of limitation, thus making way for a deeper understanding of what real freedom means. Here I can combine strict form and definition with my very individual way of expressing and feeling. Read more: Painting Mandala.

Wasserfälle – das Leben ins fließen bringen

Während die Wasser von den Quellen zu den Meeren fließen, bringen die Wasserfälle Lebendigkeit, Leben und Sauerstoff in den Fluss.

Auch wir brauchen in unserem Leben immer wieder Wasserfälle, damit unsere Gefühle wieder genährt werden. Im Feng Shui werden die Energien in unserer Umgebung in Fluss gebracht. Alles, was wir für uns erreichen wollen, braucht diese Energien damit wir auch Erfolg erzielen. Vor allem in der Geldecke helfen die Wasserfälle, unsere Finanzen wieder in Fluss zu bringen.

In biete Wasserfälle in den verschiedensten Stilen und Formaten, so dass ein individuelles Kunstwerk, Ihnen Ihre fließenden Energien zurückgeben kann. Beispiele siehe Galerie: Kaskaden (German website).